The Leaves Are Gathered Round the Window Like Pointed Ears

Some great grand truth about human experience

Winter, Todi, Italy

No description of sun, sand, sea here, larded with simile and metaphor, like, as if, etc. There is sand and sun here, as well as sea, but that doesn’t matter. Hills, trees, a creek, it doesn’t matter. This does not stand or fall on the subtle gradations of light on a leaf, as prologue to, etc. Birds chirping, a blue fingerprint of shadow — no. There is no point, no scene to set, or light, or reveal like, as if, etc.

The world. This is not a world. A description of the world is not the world. The word is not the world. There is no magic here, just the illusion of magic, the way that all magic is illusion. Magic is the illusion of magic. Metaphor is magic.

There is a bright, reflective slurry of rain and sand sliding down the windows looking out on the sea like, as if, etc. Promote the illusion of magic. Perhaps a symbol of, or meaning, etc. A poetic license to lie.

It really is raining outside. Trust me. The rain is like, as if, etc.

I wear motley, dance on the sand, dash into the sea, see gold light in the sun like, as if, etc.

By making this up I’m supposedly telling you some great, grand truth about human experience like, as if, etc. The alchemy of the lead of experience into the gold of poetic truth, through the consciousness of, a seeming truth higher than truth.

The sun is an example. What it seems is not what it is. The sun may seem to be a ring, a globe, a crimson tassel, but it is not. It is a sphere of hot plasma and magnetic fields. It is hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon, neon, iron, etc. It is not a crimson tassel.

What truth does illusion tell us?

The truth is, we like making things up and pretending there’s some great, grand truth about human experience in like, as if, etc. Truth in gold-guilded seeming, not in being. Truth in the not, not in the is. The seeming exists as a desire for like, as if, etc. A world of words, the spirit’s higher etc.

The spirit is not is.

Writing. Literature. Philosophy. Culture. Ph.D. University of Arizona. BTC/ETH/ADA: bgatenby.crypto

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