Fear is not just the mind killer, it’s the medium of media control

The media is a fear generation machine.

It demands that you respond with anxiety and submission to the fear.

It’s nonstop 24/7 manipulation control via narratives of fear.

From a rhetorical point of view, the media employs three tactics to build narratives: anecdotal evidence, expert opinion, and academic studies.

Typical New York Times story: This happened to Person X, so it will happen to you. Studies show that it will happen. Professor Z of Elite University says, “yes, this will happen to you.” A survey shows that most people worry about this happening to them. Conclusion: you will worry.

What’s wrong with anecdotal evidence? Anecdotes are stories, nearly impossible to verify. People make up stories all the time. People lie. Journalists are people. People lie to journalists. Journalists make up stories, too.

What’s wrong with academic studies? What isn’t wrong with academic studies? Look at the methodology. Most academic studies are done on university campuses and use students as subjects. Low sample sizes. Zero diversity of population. A study of 24 undergraduates tells you nothing. Many professors, especially in social sciences, are clueless about statistical methodology. Often times data is manipulated and massaged to “verify” predetermined outcomes.

What’s wrong with expert opinion? You really have to ask? Name a time when the experts weren’t wrong? Google Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize economist, and his nearly unblemished streak of being wrong about nearly everything. If you want to go broke, buy the stocks that experts recommend on CNBC. Nobody, not even experts, is gifted with the power of prediction. An elite Ivy league credential does not gift you the power of prediction.

As Karl Popper pointed out, scientific laws lead to conditional predictions which can lead to unconditional predictions (like eclipses); however, unconditional predictions are RARE in science. Social scientists, economists, psychologists, etc. mistakenly assume that unconditional predictions are the norm in science, and based upon “laws” of history, which are actually trends, not laws, continually make unconditional predictions about the future of society, politics, the economy, etc. Predictions which are almost always wrong. The experts are almost always wrong. But they’re useful for supporting the fear.

The media amplifies the doom and gloom predictions of the experts. The media seeks to suppress, censor, or cancel anyone that doesn’t buy into their dark narratives. Anxiety and submission to the fear, including the fear of being suppressed, censored, or canceled.

By media we also mean social media Tech companies. They’re all one now in quest of Plato’s rule by Guardians.

Anxiety, depression, fear, addiction to the fear, anxiety and depression via word and image is their metier.

William Burroughs: word begets image and image is virus in the Reality Studio the media calls life.

Word. Image. Virus. A monopoly of fear and death.

“The virus attack is primarily directed against affective animal life — Virus of rage hate fear ugliness swirling round you waiting for a point of intersection and once in immediately perpetrates in your name some ugly noxious or disgusting act before your mind screen to produce more virus word and image around and around it’s all around you the invisible hail of bring down word and image — ” Nova Express

Not just the biological virus but the rage hate fear word and image virus of the media, social media, government, corporations, the whole control mechanism Burroughs calls The Reality Studio.


Social control.

Control over you.

Every time you lose your shit you’re fueling the rage hate fear word image virus of the media. You’re doing what they want. You’re contributing to the cancelation of your own mind, thought, identify, self.

This is not self-improvement. This is self destruction.

Stop. Just stop.

Take back control.

Start with yourself.

Writing. Literature. Philosophy. Culture. Ph.D. University of Arizona. Author of The Kingdom of Absurdities and other novels. BTC/ETH: brucegatenby.crypto

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