Hi Liz:

Thanks for your thoughtful response. Yes, of course, we all have emotional attachments to our beliefs and of course there’s blowback when “accepted truths” are rejected for new ones. Although I don’t remember a lot of anger when it was proved that space isn’t made up of aether…

Steven Toulmin pointed out in his book The Uses of Argument that different disciplines have different “truth” values. The bar for truth in physics, of course, is much higher than in literary criticism (which is, let’s face it, all personal opinion). I’ve always seen philosophical truths as invented concepts rather than discovered truths, but still a lot of wisdom there. Nietzsche also said “never mind the doctrine, despise the means.” Easy to despise the means of the SJWs and PC thought police. Unfortunately, censorship is now the go-to response; frightening to see companies like Google and Facebook actively censoring any ideas outside the bubble of their own ideologies.

Writing. Literature. Philosophy. Culture. Ph.D. U of Arizona.

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