Censorship and Political Delusion

The mysterious willingness of the technologically educated masses to fall for despotism.

We have achieved the administered state.

This is not a good thing.

This is the reason Woke has been embraced by corporations, governments, media outlets, and educational institutions. Their only interest is controlling and expanding the reach of the administered state, i.e. themselves.

The administered state relies on political delusion. Woke is the latest political delusion, an ideology that has abandoned any form of critical introspection.

Political delusions rely on censorship to deprive people of any information that promotes resistance to political delusion.

All in the name of resistance, of course.

Twitter censors. Facebook censors. YouTube censors. Government agencies censor. Publishing houses censor. Academic departments censor. Disney censors. We self-censor.

All in the name of diversity, inclusion and tolerance.

DIE is death to freedom and individuality. It is the latest political delusion that expands the reach of the administered state.

The Pandemic was tailored made for the administered state. Keep the people in a continuous state of fear. The culture industry, media and new media alike: propagandists for the administered state, pushing fear like a drug. No, fear is the drug.

Passive consumption of state-approved and state-controlled information keeps the people passive and unthinking. That it is implanted in us deliberately is not a tinfoil-hat delusion.

Adorno and Horkheimer: “Even when people have not already succumbed to such delusion, they are deprived by the mechanisms of censorship, both the external ones and those implanted within them, of the means of resisting it.”

Big Brother (and Big Sister) was just a fiction that has long been surpassed by the administered state. You are not just watching your smart phone. Your smart phone is watching you. And listening. And recording. And tracking. You voluntarily carry around the instrument of your own enslavement in the guise of a delivery device for Tik-Tok videos.

National Socialism provided the blueprint for the administered state. The Tech-Corporate-Govenment Progressives have simply run with it.

This last year has taught us much about ourselves, our leaders, our corporate world. For every Elon Musk there are a thousand would-be Mussolinis, masked totalitarians in training.

We have succumbed to political delusion. We have accepted censorship. We have embraced lockdowns and the administered state.

We have handed them our freedom and our rights. Remember, the income tax was a temporary measure. So was the Patriot Act. With governments, nothing is a temporary measure.

Plato claimed that democracy always leads to totalitarianism.

Looks like the old dead white male was right. No wonder they canceled the Classics departments in many universities. Classrooms are indoctrination centers. The Republic is hate speech.

Decentralized blockchains are the future. LOL. You really think the administered state won’t find a way to centralize those as well?

It’s the self-destruction of the Enlightenment. All in the name of enlightenment, of course.

Adorno and Horkheimer: “Freedom in society is inseparable from enlightenment thinking.”

It’s the death of freedom.

It’s the death of reason, logic, enlightenment principles.

It’s the rule of fear.

And that should scare the hell out of you.

Writing. Literature. Philosophy. Culture. Ph.D. University of Arizona. Author of The Kingdom of Absurdities and other novels. BTC/ETH: brucegatenby.crypto

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