Writing. Literature. Philosophy. Culture. Ph.D. University of Arizona. Author of The Kingdom of Absurdities and other novels. https://brucegatenby.medium.com/me

Or every week. Or every month.

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I’ve written thousands of pages in my writing life. Four novels. A memoir. A book of short stories. 15 screenplays. Some poems. Some translations. Some academic articles (academic writing isn’t really writing. It’s paperwork for CV inflation). Writing writing writing.

There’s a lot of…

The academisation of society is destroying democracy

“It follows from the laws of hierarchy that scholars, in so far as they belong to the intellectual middle class, cannot catch sight of the truly great problems and question marks.” Nietzsche, The Joyous Science

In Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift’s 18th century satire…

Trofim Lysenko

A science based on convictions is not science. Science based on opinions or ideology is not science. Consider Trofim Lysenko, Soviet scientist, whose anti-Mendelian genetics were the basis of an agricultural policy that resulted in millions dying of famine. Lysenko believed in the idea of Lamarckian inheritance, which proved deadly…

“Far behind the eye the quest begins.” — Samuel Beckett, “Ill Seen Ill Said”

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

It’s the ones who suffer who sit in their rooms alone and write, suffering, alone, feeling the need to share their suffering and loneliness with others who may or may not sit in their rooms, suffering…

The pendulum swings back toward the herd

In The Joyous Science, Nietzsche points out that for most of human history it was not a pleasure but a punishment to be alone, to signify being an individual. “Free thinking was regarded as inherently disquieting.” …

Bruce Gatenby

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